Women As Treasure


Once strengthened I will stretch forth my hand to strengthen my sister.

Who We Are

We are empowered ordinary women from different stations in our lives; embracing and celebrating our womanhood. Once accepted, we then seek ways to nurture and grow our treasures. This will further enable us to share who and what we are with those we come in contact with.

Our Vision

Is to witness women excelling in all areas of their lives; to see them exploring the vast treasures they house within themselves. To see women strengthened as they celebrate and share their God given skills and talents with others.

Our Mission

Is to promote the fact that women are truly treasures, unique treasures created by God. Jesus said unto him, if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. Mark 9:23

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Our Scope
We have started small with plans to build and strengthen a core group of women. As we grow we are developing foundational training geared towards encouraging women to reach their full God given potential.

Our Strategy
We will facilitate a community of sisters (a sisterhood if you will) by creating environments (both physically and virtually) where women can assemble and feel comfortable sharing, having fun, helping and receiving help. Our goal is to the increase the value of all women we come in contact with.